Very Fast Laptop!! 120Gb m.2 hard drive, 8GB ddr4 RAM with an extra RAM slot, 802.1 a/b/g/n/ac network card, intel i3 processor at 2.4ghz, and new 14" LCD screen. Great for work or gaming!! Price online is over $600 used
Is anyone looking for a good laptop? It's a 15.6" Dell Inspiron 3000 series with windows10 . It has an intel i3 processor at 2.4ghz and 8GB of RAM with another blank slot and you get to make the choice of it having a 1TB Hard drive or a 250GB SSD (the SSD makes it so much faster) also has upgraded CUK killer wireless card for a much faster internet connection( up to 857Mbps) Was Asking $400 for...
Nintendo Gameboy Pocket and Pok mon Gold & Blue. Gold has unlimited saves, but blue needs a new save battery. Battery cover missing but works great!
3 UPS battery backups 750/975 $50/each $50 geek squad 975 $50 APC 750 $50 Triplite 750 First come, first serve.
Missing battery cover, otherwise great. Works perfectly and screen isn t cracked or scratched
Comes with Pok mon Gold and Pok mon Blue (games alone worth $15-20 ea)
Play station 2 games $1 each Mostly sports games. Basketball, baseball & football